Revolutionary Process

MBL Process

Key to cementing our commercial success will be the use of our new MBL alginate process which we have developed from a concept to bench scale to pilot plant scale, and we are now ready to move to full scale; where relevant we have also made use of technical experts in various Scottish universities, including Strathclyde and Heriot Watt.

Our process is confidential and patent applications have been filed, but we can say that it is a combination of the use of intelligent engineering, coupled with some very clear innovations. This combination has led to a process which, in comparison to traditional alginate processes used today, is

  • Simpler (with many stages removed)
  • Smaller (uses much less space)
  • Softer (milder conditions and no organic solvents)
  • Cheaper (lean techniques help reduce costs)
  • Faster

We don’t sit still, even with our much improved alginate process, and we are always working towards further improvements which will benefit our future customers.

Test Samples

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samples are available on

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