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MBL was formed at the end of 2009 with the aim of becoming a leader in multi-component extraction of natural polymers from seaweed. There is a growing global demand for natural materials whose origins are clear and whose use is both safe and effective.

Currently based near Ayr on the South West coast of Scotland, the company is perfectly located to use the many types, and abundant quantities, of seaweed species indigenous to Scottish coastal waters that are used for our target seaweed components.

Our focus is on extracting high value components from brown seaweeds for use in a range of applications, primarily “human” ones such as food and pharmaceuticals, but also in different industrial application areas as well, where the use of natural polymers is growing fast.

Although our longer term aim is to extract a range of components, our starting point is Alginate, typically the largest single component in brown seaweeds, and a well-established, versatile and safe natural polymer.

MBL’s business values are appropriate to those of a company operating in natural products and we ensure that everything we do represents good practice in sustainability and a low carbon footprint, and our future customers can be re-assured on these important issues.

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